Documentary film about Orange Revolution.

Ukraine 2006
16 mm
45 minutes

Written and directed by
Dmitriy Nepochatov




How many more revolutions are there to happen?
And how many of them will be peaceful?

The most actual documentary film of contemporaneity.

Why itТs actual:
Today we live in the period of revolutions in the whole world. Just remember situations in France, Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine. Now it is a time when the theme of power, control and intercommunication of people in many countries becomes more actually.

The film, which exposed this theme on background the real events, was made in Ukraine. It was made during the well-known events of Fall 2004 in Ukraine. During this time, the most beautiful revolution ever was happening. Its beauty was in its peacefulness.

It is a mixture of documentary and feature genres. The film is a story of a 19- year-old girl, who came to Ukraine from abroad with a father, who got a job here. It is in Ukraine that she sees her first revolution ever. During this time, she communicates to ordinary people, who went out on СMaydanТ, and learns their stories.

The film consists of several novels, linked with a single idea: how those people changed and how this girl changed during that period. The main story is told in English (the main heroineТs mother tongue), peopleТs life stories are presented in Ukrainian with English subtitles.

This film also features original music, written especially for it.

It is a film neither about politics nor about elections; it is about spirit and freedom in our life these days.

This film is also a unique documentary material, which is becoming more and more valuable and interesting with time, owing its popularity to the event it is based on Ц the peaceful Revolution.

If you are interested in this film, please contact with producer.



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